The POWRGARD® 4-Braces Single Non-Mouldable features a unique orthodontic design which provides exceptional protection and prevents laceration of the lips.

Aerofoil Base Ultimate Grip

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Product Information

Manufactured from flexible medical grade silicone, the POWRGARD® 4-Braces Single Non-Mouldable grips onto braces for a secure fit and exceptional protection without any moulding required.

Designed to fit over all brands of braces the 4-Braces Single Non-Mouldable is approved by orthodontists worldwide and suitable for all sports.

  • No Moulding
  • Thickened Base
  • Braces Channel

Fitting Instructions

Carefully following the fitting instructions below will ensure your Powrgard® mouthguard fits correctly and provides you with serious protection for your teeth and jaws.


Step 1

Sterilise your Powrgard® 4-Braces Non-Mouldable mouthguard before each use.

Step 2

Gently clip the mouthguard over your braces, making sure the brackets of the braces are inserted into the braces channel.

Step 3

Once your mouth is closed the Powrgard® 4-Braces Non-Mouldable will be held in position by the braces and lips.


The Powrgard® 4-Braces Single Non-Mouldable is designed with a lug at the back that can be trimmed to the correct fit.


Sterilising your mouthguard after each use will prevent infection. Powrgard® recommends Powrclean tablets for all Powrgard® products.