Premium mouthguards for all sports

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POWRGARD® mouthguards feature world leading technology for all sports.

POWRGARD®’s sports protection range includes cutting edge mouthguard designs suitable for all sports and ages.

Whether you perform at an elite level or only play for fun, POWRGARD® has the product for you.

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Superior technology

As well as providing a great fit and genuine protection against tooth or jaw injury, the POWRGARD® range features advanced mouthguard technology designed to satisfy the sports protection demands of all athletes.

The patented features are uniquely designed by POWRGARD® and make POWRGARD® mouthguards a must have for sports people looking to perform at their best.

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A complete range of cutting edge mouthguards provide the confidence of protection for all ages, sports and contact levels.

POWRGARD®’s complete range of mouthguards are available in a variety of colours and are suitable for all sports, ages and contact levels. Colours may vary to those shown on this website.

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