The POWRGARD® 4-Braces Double Mouldable fits over top and bottom braces to prevent laceration of the lips while providing exceptional protection.

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Product Information

Approved by orthodontists worldwide the POWRGARD® 4-Braces Double Mouldable provides a customisable double arch mouthguard option for athletes with braces.

Featuring patented braces channels for upper and lower teeth, which fit comfortably over all brands of braces, the POWRGARD® 4-Braces Double Mouldable is suitable for all sports.

  • Dual Moulding
  • Braces Channel
  • Thickened Base

Fitting Instructions

Carefully following the fitting instructions below will ensure your Powrgard® mouthguard fits correctly and provides you with serious protection for your teeth and jaws.


Step 1

Place the jig supplied with your Powrgard® 4-Braces Double Mouldable into the mouthguard’s breathing vents.

Step 2

Pour freshly boiled water into a glass bowl. Immediately place your Powrgard® 4-Braces Double Mouldable mouthguard upside down into the water. Leave the mouthguard, with base uppermost, in the water for 60 seconds.

Step 3

Using a spoon, gently lift your mouthguard out of the water.

Step 4

Place the mouthguard into your mouth and push up firmly against the mouthguard’s base with your thumbs.

Step 5

Close your mouth while biting down firmly on the mouthguard. Suck your cheeks in strongly while pressing the edges of the mouthguard into your teeth and gum line through your lips and cheeks. Continue this step for 20 seconds.

Step 6

Remove the mouthguard from your mouth and cool under tap water for two minutes. Once cooled remove jig and replace the mouthguard into your mouth to check for a firm, comfortable fit. If necessary, repeat the fitting procedure once the mouthguard has returned to room temperature.


The Powrgard® 4-Braces Double Mouldable is designed with a lug at the back that can be trimmed to the correct fit.


Sterilising your mouthguard after each use will prevent infection. Powrgard® recommends Powrclean tablets for all Powrgard® products.